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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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your private conversations. good morning. welcome to wusa9. it's 6:00 a.m. thank you for watching. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. we're under a yellow alert day. allyson and howard are here. beverly will be here with traffic momentarily. i got up and my driveway was like a glazed donut. >> we're done with the presoip north and west but -- precip. but north -- precip north and west but south and east, we still have sleet and freezing rain. >> i turned on the heat full blast and put on the windshield wipers and said this is going to need more than a couple of extra minutes. take a look at doppler 9000. we still have a little bit of the mix going on the farther south you go. we have drizzle. we have sleet. we have a couple of flurries out there. it's a mixed bag if you've ever seen one. off to the north and west, we're dry. you're not going to deal with any more precip but maybe still
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dealing with slick spots on the roads, the sidewalks, your car. watching the rest of doppler 9000, it will take a while to get out of the northern neck through the delmarva. we will dry out pretty fast through the afternoon. cloudy skies, breezy. watch out for the areas farther south and east. a winter weather advisory continues till 9:00. temperatures will reach the 40s, feeling into the 30s. beverly, what's going on with timesaver traffic? >> reporter: plenty, especially north and east of town. to head north, there have been several accidents on 95 in maryland. now northbound 295, the bw parkway blocked off at 100 with a crash. route 50 insides the beltway at garden city drive out of your way. westbound 50 trying to make your way from annapolis and over toward the exit in bowie, westbound 50 is closed to the severn river bridge. today first-degree murder charges are expected to be filed in the death of uva
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sophomore hannah graham. >> the suspect in the graham case jesse matthew is now being held in the fairfax county detention center on abduction charges in another case. nikki burdine is live in fairfax with more on the announcement that we're expecting to learn today. nikki? >> reporter: that's right. we're expecting to learn more about these charges coming against jesse matthew later this morning in a press conference out of charlottesville. sources with our sister station in richmond tell us jesse matthew will face murder charges in the death of uva student hannah graham. we don't know specifically what evidence led them to this charge but this is what we can tell you so far. matthew was first charged with abduction with intent to defy in graham's disappearance. is in fairfax county being held on a separate case facing attempted capital murder and sexual assault in the attack of a fairfax county woman back in 2005. his trial for that charge isn't until march. those charges again not related to the graham case. however, graham was last seen
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leaving a charlottesville bar with matthew in september of last year. her remains were later found in albemarle county just five miles away from where the remains of morgan harrington were found, the virginia tech student who disappeared from charlottesville in 2009. matthew's d.n.a. also linked him to that case. now, again a press conference will be held this morning at 11:00 in charlottesville. we expect to learn more from the state's attorney about these charges that will be coming against jesse matthew facing murder in the death of hannah graham. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, nikki burdine live this morning in fairfax county. in arling -- an arlington man is facing rape charges in delaware. police say 33-year-old raymond joyner met a woman in delaware on sunday. when the woman rejected his advances, he held her down and soughted her. she managed to get free and call 911. grief counselors and psychologists will be at e. brook lee middle school today in montgomery county one day
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after a seventh grader took his own life. school officials say the boy walked into the bathroom stall, locked the door and harmed himself. he was eventually found and taken to the hop where he died. the student's identity has not been released. today the montgomery county school board is scheduled to make a decision on school start times. >> sleeping in or not sleeping in. board members will consider several different options. they include everything from the start times to changing nothing at all. delia goncalves is live outside the headquarters in rockville, even the amount this could cost is changeable, too. >> reporter: right. and they vary drastically so there is an option of no cost at all to the school system to an option that cost $6 million, essentially in transportation costs because the buses need to shift their schedules. right now as is, buses drop off kids at the high school and then head over to drop off kids to the middle and then head to the elementary schools.
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that's what's happening right now. the kids who stage add sleep? outside school board offices yesterday joined their parents. a number of health care professionals saying they suffer from sleep deprivation and a lack of focus as a result of these 7:25 a.m. start times at the county's 25 high schools. so today the school board can vote on a no cost option that would essentially shift all school start times by again to 35 minutes with elementary and middle school starting first or they could split the high school day into two start times with $6 million and a price tag. >> kids are in a fog through first and second period. >> i was just so tired i could not concentrate one bit. >> sometimes i just want to go home. i just feel like my grades are dropping because of that. >> reporter: kids say they're really suffering because of these early start times and there are plenty of other school systems who have changed their start times citing health
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concerns. prince george's county, high schools there start as late as 9:00. fairfax county, this year high school starts between 8:00 and 8:10 but teachers here in montgomery county are not buying t. they don't want this early start time. i'll explain why at 6:30. back to you. >> delia goncalves live in rockville this morning. a trial over unpaid e-zpass fines has now been postponed until next month. some e-zpass owners say their pass works fine on other roads but they keep receiving fines when they drive on the beltway express lanes. attorneys representing the drivers say there's another problem with these violation notices, too. the signature on them is produced electronically and that makes them invalid, according to a ruling by the virginia supreme court. if the claim about that electronic signature is found to be valid, it could lead to the dismissal of thousands of cases and mass refunds. supporters of legalizing marijuana say they won't give up despite a setback in the d.c. council. councilmembers scuttled plans
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for a hearing on pot taxes and instead held a round table. but change came after the city's new attorney general warned holding a hearing could mean fines and even jail time for lawmakers and their staff. attorney general carl racine warned the council would violate a spending prohibition placed on the city by congress. 9news's debra alfarone asked one councilman whether this is another argument for statehood. >> i think it absolutely is. if you had two senators up there and a voting member of the house, they couldn't do this to us. >> d.c. leaders say pot will be legal by the spring but they say congress could still try to enter seen. -- intervene. closings arguments are expected in the whistle blower trial in the case of a d.c. captain. burton claims he was demoted for being a whistle blower. lanier says she demoted him because of his performance.
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>> he violated the general orders. it's like ignorance of the law. we give them to you. we ask you to be familiar with them. if you don't read them and you don't know what the contents of them are, sooner or later you're going to get in trouble. >> chief lanier claims she became increasingly unhappy with burton's performance because of the way he handled three barricade situations as well as a police overtype policy. as we've been -- overtime policy. as we've been telling you, it's been a record breaking amount of snow in new england. it's not over yet. >> a vacant campus in fairfax will be put to good use soon. >> wintery precip to the south and east. all sorts of slick spots. we have cars that need the windshields scraped. we have a winter weather advisory till 9:00 for south and
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we have a yellow alert out. we have a winter weather advisory south and east of d.c. till 9:00. that's where we're finding sleet, freezing rain. some are still across prince george's county and anne arundel counties but southern calvert, eastern charles to the northern neck seeing the steadiest precip at the moment. looft temps below freeze -- a lot of temps below freezing so you need extra time because we have slick spots on the roads and extra time to state the windshields -- to scrape the windshields. arctic air coming by thursday. northbound lanes branch avenue between clinton and camp springs, several accidents on and off ramps but also some of the threw traffic im-- thru traffic impacted. branch avenue had several early
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morning slick accidents. route 50 leaving annapolis westbound between the severn river, completely shut down with crash. looks like you're forced to exit. out of bowie a new crash after 197 and before 704. some traffic able to get by. northbound bw parkway remains closed at route 100 with a crash. virginia side of town, much calmer, incident free. mike, andrea, back to you. the latest blast of record breaking snow in new england should taper off today. >> but as don champion tells us, yet another round of snow and arctic temperatures may be headed their way later this week. >> reporter: buried and frozen. winter has taken a toll on already hard hit boston. driving around the city in new england remains challenging after another 2 feet of fresh snow piled up in parts of the region monday. there's mounds of snow and covered cars all over. even this man bundled up to the max had trouble getting around
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overnight. >> it's not alive and it doesn't bite. >> reporter: there's so much snow, there's no service on all boston area subways, trolleys and commuter rail trains today so crews can clear snow and ice from tracks. this woman was among those stranded monday night when service ended. >> i think we've been down here for two hours. >> reporter: more than 70 inches of snow has fallen in boston in the past three weeks alone. the most ever recorded here in a 30-day period. now there's potential for even more snow on thursday. >> it's going to be a close call. if it happens quickly and brings significant snow and wind right back into the same areas that are digging out. >> reporter: south of boston in rockland yesterday, residents got held in the bitter cold to clear mounds of snow off homes and byes. >> it's easy -- and businesses. >> it's easier doing the preventive work rather than having any other issues. >> reporter: others will be taking advantage of the break in the weather later today to do the same and avoid scenes like this one where the roof of a local company caved under the weight of ice and snow. don champion, cbs news, boston.
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>> as you might imagine, schools remain closed in boston today and now city officials might have to resort to dumping some of the snow into boston harbor just to get rid of it because they're running out of space. a former exxon-mobil complex in fairfax is being transformed into a cancer research and medical center. governor terry mcauliffe announced the deal with inova, north virginia ace largest hospital system. inova's flagship hospital is just across the street from this site. >> it's not only will be important for our leadership role in health care but this will be a gigantic job creator here in the commonwealth of georgia. >> exxon-mobil announces plans to leave -- announced its plans to leave the campus in 2012. the virginia senate has approved a bill which would require runoff elections in races where neither candidate receives more than 50% of the
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vote. current governor terry mcauliffe won his seat by just under 48% of the vote. the bill is now headed to the house of delegates. alabama's on the verge of becoming the site of yet a different type of standoff. this time it involves same-sex marriage. >> he changed the way we watched sports in america. a man is being remembered for making a huge impact. nick giovanni has those stories and more when
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. welcome back. in the news right now, another day of legal uncertainty in alabama where county probate judges are having to pick sides in choosing whether or not to follow a federal court order to allow same-sex marriage. alabama's chief justice is telling state judges to refuse gay marriage licenses. yesterday marriage licenses were issued to same-sex couples in at least seven of alabama's 67 counties. other counties, though, did refuse. overnight a pileup on the new jersey turnpike left one person dead and 45 others with minor injuries. four semis a pair of box trucks a tour bus and at least 15 cars were all involved. the tour bus we're told was occupied at the time. meanwhile takata airbags claim another victim, this time in texas. an autopsy revealed a man was killed last month by a defective airbag made by the
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japanese company. the issue that's been well documented is the airbags can inflate with too much force coming the metal inflator to blow apart and send shrapnel into the passenger seat. this is the sixth death linked to those airbags. did a former chicago police officer really try to hire a hit man to kill a prosecutor? 61-year-old drew petterson is serving 38 years in prison for the murder of his third wife and now he's accused of putting a hit out on the head attorney of the prosecution team in his murder trial. peterson now faces new charges, including solicitation of murder and solicitation of murder for hire. charges have been dismissed meanwhile in the domestic violence case against panthers defensive end greg hardy. he was convicted of assaulting a woman last summer. his appeal of that conviction was set to begin yesterday but the accuser did not show up for the hearing. prosecutors believe she reached a civil settlement with hardy and intentionally made herself unavailable to the state in their word. this morning the football world is mourning the loss of a
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edge jendz ed sabol, the founder of n.f.l. films passed away yesterday at the age of 98. he was a hall of famer because of the role he played in the league alongside his late son steve. he was the first to initiate slow motion photography with sports highlights and came up with the blooper real. roger goodell said of sabol he transformed how america watched football in all sports. mike, andrea, when you think about it, we've lost two legends this week between sabol and dean smith. >> sad week in the world of sports. two giants. >> indeed. >> the world of golf charlie seifert and billy casper. it's been a cough week for sports. weather time now, yellow alert day. you can see the bottom of the screen, plenty of delays. >> that's on the eastern shore. queen anne's county when you cross where the outlets are. it's all about icy conditions. we had freezing rain, a little sleet, a little snow mixed in. it wasn't a lot but it doesn't
6:21 am
take a lot of ice to cause slick spots. we have black ice. if you have younger drivers in the house driving to high school, you've got to warn them. they've got to be even more cautious than usual and your driveway and sidewalks is what may get you. the day planner shows a lot of cloudiness today. a little bit of a mix early south and east of town. temperatures climbing into the upper 30s and low 40s but winds are going to be a factor. we have windchills in the 20s now. will only feel like the low 30s later on. we clear out some tonight falling into the 20s. there's what's left of this week's storm. southern maryland now to the northern neck seeing most of this. while it looks like heavy snow, it's sleet mixing in more so than snow here. really see how the moisture sort of slivering up across -- sliverling up we. have the sleet, freezing rain across calvert, st. mary's into the northern neck.
6:22 am
that will linger for a few more hours there. temperatures, this has been the problem. almost everybody is at or below freezing. national at 33. a lot of areas 32. fredricksburg 33. richmond reporting sleet and 43 degrees. borltderline down -- borderline down there. we'll be done with the messy stuff in a few hours. 50s tonight. tomorrow 45. decent day. thursday 40 but in the afternoon arctic front comes with wind and colder temps. we could be in the 20s for the drive home with snow showers. friday very cold, 22. a few flurries, snow showers for valentine's day and bitterly cold sunday. i think we're staying in the teens. ouch. 6:22. ouch is one way to phrase it and if you can wait this out north and east of town in particular, wait until things warm up and melt, that would be awesome. westbound 50 from annapolis between sef return river -- severn river bridge, a crash cleanup on the eastbound side.
6:23 am
some of the left side of the roadway was impacted. westbound 50 getting from bowie in toward the beltway just after 197 and before you reach 704, a cr the left half of the roadway. maryland 95, latest crash southbound south of 32, left half of the roadway blocked. branch avenue several accidents it clinton and camp springs, beltway ramps at branch avenue had issues. new crash reported in virginia. that will be on 395 northbound at gabe road. back to you. there's a renewed effort to find a diplomatic solution to the crisis in ukraine. that story is coming up. >> we preview a vote today on changing what time students have to head to class in one of the area's biggest school systems. we'll let the games begin! valentine's day couple packages start at just $99. visit medieval!
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[ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms.take off. it's 6:26. here's a look at some stories you may have missed. today president obama is expected to send congress his blueprint for an updated authorization for the use of military force in the fight against isis. >> the president is facing an uphill battle on both sides of the political aisle. democrats who don't want another ground war, republicans want to keep that option left open. president obama and the german chancellor met for several hours at the white house monday. they discussed russia andity role in the casy late -- and its role in the escalating violence in ukraine. >> the meeting came as european leaders were working to revive peace talks with the russian president amid growing pressure
6:27 am
in the united states for the president to do more when it comes to helping ukraine. greg has more. >> reporter: president obama and german chancellor angela merkel are working to show a united front against russia and the eastern ukraine. >> russia has sent more heavy artillery and tanks. with russian support the separatists have seized more territory, destroyed villages and driven more ukrainians from their homes. >> reporter: the president is getting an earful from some on capitol hill urging him to do more to help ukraine and to stand up to russian president vladimir putin. >> putin does not want a diplomatic solution. >> reporter: the president is considering sending weapons to lf against the russian-backed separatists but merkel is advocating more time for diplomacy. >> i don't see a military solution to this conflict but we have to put all our efforts in bringing about a diplomatic solution. >> reporter: merkel and the french president sit down with both sides again wednesday.
6:28 am
the white house says the u.s. and europe will continue to pressure russia with satisfactions but the clock is ticking. >> if in fact diplomacy fails, when i've asked my team to do is look at all options. >> reporter: house members are already working on new legislation requiring the u.s. to give weapons to ukraine's military. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> the european union voted to hold off on a new round of saptions against russia just in order to -- sanctions against russia just in order to see if there is any progress made at the summit coming up on wednesday. president obama is defending his decision not to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu next month. during a joint news conference with visiting german chancellor angela merkel, the president cited the upcoming israeli elections as the reason behind his decision. house speaker john boehner invited benjamin netanyahu to address congress coming up on march 3 without telling the white house first. netherlands is expected to criticize the obama administration's negotiations with iran on its nuclear program and to urge the united states to take a harder line.
6:29 am
vice president joe biden and a number of top democrats will not be attending that speech. the debate over measles is intensifying this morning at more than 100 cases are confirmed across 17 states. miss my has the highest vaccination rate for children mostly because it does not allow exemptions for religious or philosophical reasons but this parents believe the state's laws are too restrictive. >> they can get one shot at a time. that way if there is a reaction, they can see what it's too. >> expempts agree vaccine -- experts agree vaccines are overall safe and effective. looking outside the d.c. region, this is a yellow weather alert day. >> some of you may be dealing with rain. others ice buildup on your windchills. it's definitely going to be an issue depending on where you get up this morning. so glad you're with us. it's coming up just about on
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6:30. i'm mike hydeck. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein, allyson rae, they're both tracking the wementer this morning and that weather is causing some delays. i think it was stafford county we just heard from on a o- hour delay this morning. >> we have a long list on the bottom of your screen. check to see if you are affected. we know montgomery county is not affected this morning, one of the bigger school systems. >> most south and east are expected with -- affected with the two-hour delays. we've had rain, sleet, flurries mixing in. a little bit of improvement for areas closer to d.c. in the last hour. >> that's exactly right. we're drying out across the district. it's areas south that this will linger for another hour or so. we are seeing drizzle, a little bit of freezing rain but areas to the north and west, even though it's not raining here, you're still going to run into slick spots on the roads, the secondary roads and also your car. you'll find ice on your car this morning for sure. temperatures will be above the freezing mark. taking a wide view of doppler 9000 through the northern neck and southern delmarva.
6:31 am
this is where it will linger till possibly lunch time. the rest of us will deal with clouds and very windy conditions this afternoon. temperatures are cold. 27 degrees for gaithersburg. 33 for d.c. you have to bundle up. even though we're headed to about 40 degrees today, it's not going to feel that way. we'll dress in the 30s as temperatures are going to feel colder out there with the wind factored in. the winds are going to stay for tomorrow as well. here's a look at your day planner. we'll stay into the lower 40s for this afternoon, feeling into the 30s. tomorrow not too bad before the arctic blast. we'll get details a how low we go for this weekend coming up. what's going on with traffic? certainly slick conditions northeast of town and through southern maryland that we've heard about. south of town virginia side volume delays on 95. no big deals as far as any ice reported but on and off ramps anywhere where it's wet there's potential for slip and slide. volume getting past the prince william parkway with lanes open. westbound side of route 50 out of annapolis, the crash between the severn river bridge had blocked the westbound lanes.
6:32 am
then a crash coming you out of bowie between 197 and 704 blocks the left side of the roadway. northbound 295bw parkway was shut down at 100. 95 southbound in maryland latest wreck south of 32 blocks the left side of the roadway. andrea, mike, back to you. >> thank you, beverly. at 11:00 this morning, the albemarle county state's attorney is expected to announce that new charges have been filed in the death of uva sophomore ana graham. >> the suspect in the case jesse matthew is right now being held at the unty detention center on abduction charges in another case entirely. nikki burdine is live with more on today's announcement regarding the graham case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. we expect to learn more about these charges that jesse graham will be facing at a press conference at 11:00. the press conference will be in charlottesville but we learned of these charges through our sister station in richmond. again these are unrelated to the case he is facing here in fairfax county. these are related to the death
6:33 am
of hannah graham, that uva student. matthew was first charged with abduction and attempt to defile in graham's disappearance. in fairfax county he's being held on a separate case where he's facing attempted capital murder and sexual assault in the attack of a fairfax county woman from 2005. his trial for that is in 2005 -- certain certainly. -- [indiscernible] we expect to hear more from this press conference today at 11:00. we hope to learn what evidence in particular led attorneys and police to be able to charge jesse matthew with murder in the disappearance and the death of hannah graham. as soon as we get that information, we'll pass it along you to. back you to in the studio. >> nikki burdine reporting from fairfax this morning. also in fairfax, police are asking for your help after a shocking discovery next to a nature trail. home bones were found in
6:34 am
difficult run stream valley in herndon. a resident found the bones sunday evening. it's unclear how long they've been in the park and of course the cause of death remains under investigation. a man who killed himself after a standoff with police in silver spring has now been identified. 66-year-old alan poole lived in adamstown. the standoff ended when he shot himself to death. no one else was hurt. there's no word on exactly what led to the standoff. by the end of today, parents and students in montgomery county should know if their school day is going to change. >> that's because the county school board is expected to decide whether to change start times or leave them alone. delia goncalves is live outside school board headquarters in rockville with more. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, mike, andrea. this is such a hot button issue here in montgomery county. one can easily argue it cost former superintendent joshua starr his job. this all started with a parent petition back in 2012. and just yesterday some parents
6:35 am
and some kids stage add sleep- in outside headquarters. they say the 7:25 a.m. start time leads to sleep deprivation which can result in lack of focus, even depression. but 66% of teachers oppose an early start time. they think the change will create scheduling conflicts for extracurricular activities or those who have jobs and have to care for a younger sibling after school. the teachers also don't buy the achievement or health arguments. >> the data on what it says about depression, about suicide, about anxiety, about car accidents, about self- esteem, all of those things are very clear. >> reporter: so the board will vote beginning at 10 no doubt we will have a camera crew inside and put that vote up when it is cast on our mobile app. but these are the options that the board has. one, they can do nothing at all. two, they could delay the
6:36 am
school by 25 to 30 minutes and that's a free change. or the other one, $6 million change and that requires splitting the high school start times by two different times. lots of debate here in montgomery county. we'll keep you updated. back to you. >> thanks, delia. it is 6:36. a local brewy in ashburn finds itself the subject of a david vs. goal goliath lawsuit. >> we're learning one of the most popular characters is making a comeback. >> 6:36. we're looking at some areas on doppler 9000 where we've got some snow and sleet and freezing rain in southern maryland right now. i'm going to track that for you and i'm also tracking some arctic air that will be here later in the week. andrea and mike? >> we want to congratulate our facebook fan ever the day. today's win -- owe of the day. today's winner is dina andrews of ashburn good she says i
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6:39. a yellow alert because we have icy spots. you see reagan national it's not doing anything there but it is a cloudy, raw morning. look for the early mix south and east. mostly cloudy, breezy day. upper 30s and low 40s. dress for windchills this morning in the 20s and for them to be in the 30s this afternoon. doppler 9000 and talking about -- i hate to tell you this -- more arctic air headed our way. i'll be back in six minutes. right now beverly and timesaver traffic. >> reporter: maryland north and east of town especially busy. beltway ramps that would take you to 202 landover blocked off for treatment i believe of some icy conditions there along route 50 one problem after another out of annapolis, westbound 50 between the severn river bridge still blocking off the thru lanes with a crash cleanup. eastbound left side of the roadway is blocked. each way on 50 in bowie between 704 and 197 there have been accidents. the eastbound lanes toward annapolis blocked westbound squeezing by along the west side of the roadway.
6:41 am
southbound 95 in maryland south of 32 only one lane squeezing by the crash. northbound 295bw parkway remains shut down at route 100 with ice-related accidents a. series of problems this morning. mike and annual dray ya, back to you -- and andrea, back you to. the d.c. summer jobs program may soon include college age workers. >> nick giovanni is in the newsroom with a look at your money. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned later today, d.c. mayor muriel bowser plans to go through her proposal to expand the district's summer youth employment program. the program is only available for ages 14 to 21 mayor bowser's plans is to add more than $5 million to the program's annual budget to open the door for 22 to 24-year-olds to participate. the it would also increase wages and provide transportation for those participating. a question now. can your tv spy on you? samsung's new smrt tv comes with -- smart tv comes with voice recognition that lets users tell them what to do.
6:42 am
seems cool except for the fact that according to samsung's privacy policy, it also lets third parties know whawr' saying. marvel has managed to capture the illusive spiderman. the rights of the character belonged to sony. marvel is owned by disney. both companies announce add collaborative deal which -- announced a collaborative deal which will include a spiederman flick set for release in finally how about some bull, red bull trying to stick it to the little guy. filed a patent dispute against the old ox brewy in ashburn, virginia. red bull contends the use of the words "ox" could cause customer confusion because both bull and ox are bow
6:43 am
-- [indiscernible] >> seems like a stretch. >> we'll be following this story closely. it 16:43. two senators prepare to tackle the nation's social security system. >> after several months of back and forth debate, school leaders in montgomery county are finally going to vote on school start times. >> wusa9 is back after this with the latest yellow alert weather anator: gas prices are down helping middle class families. but now, the white house wants to impose title ii regulations on your internet meaning new government taxes and fees. every month: you'd pay more. 11 billion dollars a year in new taxes and fees. internet freedoms can be protected with the white house and congress working together, but imposing new tax increases through public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive taxes and fees. no to title ii.
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it is 6:46. time now to see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering. >> jeff joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning. >> mike and andrea, good to see both of you. ahead, isis is gaining followers from other terrorist organizations. we'll talk with insider michael morell about the increased danger for the west. plus, legal alyce -- analyst ricky klieman takes a look at the jury chosen for the sniper murder trial. around the tran formation for a
6:47 am
fox chasmer that earned him an oscar familiar noition. >> are you happy they didn't send you to boston this week? >> i lived no boston for four years. i've never seen it this bad. but my mother just sent me pictures of the blizzards of '77 in buffalo when we got like 90 inches in three days. >> she understands as do you. >> yes, unfortunately i do. >> thanks, jeff. >> have a good morning. it's 6:47. howard is here and on top of all of that snow boston may get more snow and for us, it's a slick coating of icy rain. >> we got this much ice overnight. that's all you need when it comes to ice. untreated roads, overpasses, bridges, driveways, sidewalks, been a real problem this morning. numerous accidents out there. main roads seem to be mostly okay but we've got black ice and certainly quite a few school delays we've been scrolling on the bottom of the screen all morning and even a closer or two well north and -- closure or two well north and east of us.
6:48 am
perhaps a peek of sun later this afternoon. a look at doppler just a moment. temps in the upper 30s and low 40s. with the breeze today windchills this morning in the low to mid-20s. we'll only go low to mid-30s so consider that when thinking about what to wear as you head out the door. doppler still busy, especially south of town. north and west the precip is down. we've got temps 28, 29, 30. lots of slick spots. if you park outside you'll need extra time to scrape the windshield for sure. a sleet mix south of annapolis right down 301 getting into charles county over toward quantico and stafford. southern maryland you seem to be seeing the steadiest of the precip, especially when you get south of prince frederick. heard from e.j. earlier who had some sleet. this could be sleet, freezing rain mix. sometimes with sleet on the radar you get what's called bright banding, higher reflectivity so it appears heavier than it is. from leonardtown to solomons. i'm hearing from folks down
6:49 am
there a nice coating of ice on the bushes and cars but the roads are mostly wet except for the untreated ones. this extends into the -- across the river. jan in reedville says 32, no ice yet. but a lot of areas are below freezing so take extra time this morning. give yourself -- got to take some caution out there for at least the next few hours. things will get better later this morning. eventually 42 in town. nice day, upper 30s but it won't feel that warm with the wind today. tomorrow not a bad day, 45 degrees. on thursday 40. midday high before temperatures tank in the afternoon with the arctic air and even a couple snow showers. cold friday and even colder by sunday. beverly farmer, things seem to be getting worse and worse. >> absolutely. route 50 and 59 in maryland, 295 -- 95 in maryland, 295 near baltimore where we've had most of the problems. southbound maryland jammed from 100 heading down from baltimore to get past a crash south of 32. only one lane squeezing by
6:50 am
along the right side of the roadway there. earlier northbound accident in the same stretch. route a out of annapolis between severn river bridge, traffic was only able to squeeze by. then in bowie between 197 and 704, there are accidents in each direction on route 50. what a mess we've had this morning. back to you. new charges are expected to be filed in the murder of hannah graham. >> and maryland residents are a step closer to finally getting some relief from all of those taxes. wusa9 is back right after this.
6:51 am
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people of the coffee-drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right, for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter -- put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. i'm nikki burdine in fairfax county where jesse matthew, the man suspected in the death of uva student hannah graham is being held on unrelated charges. however, we are learning from our sister station in richmond that matthew could soon face murder charges in the death of hannah graham. we expect to learn much more in a press conference today at 11:00 in charlottesville. delia. >> reporter: i'm delia goncalves jow side of the
6:54 am
montgomery county -- outside of the montgomery county school headquarters. after years of debate and talk about sleep deprivation and health concerns, it all boils down to today. the school board will vet on whether or not the school day should start later. that vote begins at 10:40. when it is cast, we'll have it up on our mobile app. mike, andrea? >> thank you, delia. senate minority leader harry reid is scheduled to undergo additional surgery to his right eye. he fell off exercise equipment new year's day and broke his orbital bone and also broke some ribs in that accident. lawmakers are scheduled to meet later today to discuss social security and the best way to fund it. the meeting is expected to include proposals to alleviate inequality in the system by expanding social security's benefits. the panel will be hosted by vermont senator bernie sanders. maryland governor larry hogan plans to introduce a bill to repeal the so-called rain tax. hogan made it a key part of his
6:55 am
state of the state speech. the rain tax which was approved in 2012 allows maryland's largest counties to collect storm water management fees. runoff management fees from homeowners and businesses. it's all to pay for sewer treatment projects. a storm slamming parts of new england isn't over yet. up to 2 feet of snow fell yesterday in boston. public transportation is suspended in the city today. schools and some businesses will also remain closed and more bad weather is expected later this week. boston set a record for the most snow recorded a 30-day period with more than 71.8 inches, basically 6 feet of snow. i know a lot of skiers jealous of boston right now. we're looking at a little bit of a wintry mix in southern maryland, northern neck near fredricksburg south. watch out for the slick spots for a few more hours. eventually upper 30s and low 40s. maybe late day sun. windchills will be holding in the 20s and 30s. tomorrow 45. then an arctic front on thursday.
6:56 am
colder stretches in the afternoon along with wind and -- temps in the afternoon along with wind staying in the teens on sunday. a long-standing crash, jammed as you try to make your way st. st. margaret past the sef ven -- severn river bridge toward 2. eastbound traffic is squeezing by along the right side of the roadway. and as you travel -- that is westbound. eastbound leaving the beltway to head toward bowie shut down before 197. 95 in maryland you're jammed southbound from route 100 past 175 to the crash after 32. one lane of traffic was able to squeeze by that. virginia side of town, we've got volume delays but not the ice-related incidents we've had north, east and even through southern maryland this morning. back to you, mike and andrea? cbs this morning is next. ferguson, missouri police plan to use a new weapon. will an orange ball allow officers to shoot and not kill?
6:57 am
>> a discovery in neil armstrong's closet. >> and beverly and i will be back with the latest weather and traffic now in 25 minutes. >> for the latest just use our mobile app. >> stay safe out there. >> me and erica at noon. have a xñaó5ñ
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♪ good morning. it is tuesday, february 10th 2015. welcome to "cbs morning news." record-setting snow shuts down boston, and there is more on the way. a showdown in alabama. the state's top judge defies a federal order to allow same-sex marriages. chip reid with what's next. plus he's a funny guy, but steve carell gets serious, and it might win him an oscar. he's here in studio 57. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. it's lost its charm. i'm done with the snow. >> you shovel again and you sh ovel again and youve shol again and you shovel again. snow emergency in the northeast.


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